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NEW: 19 | Country house & Bistro with a view

On the 75 hectares of greens at the Otočec golf course, which is located near the Otočec Castle – an attractive castle perched on a river island, we invested a great deal of time in the past year to renovating the infrastructure, while also striving for a greater recognition among both foreign and domestic golf enthusiasts while also providing a diverse accompanying programme including local specialities.


A golf course is a living thing, therefore requiring additional upgrades each year. This year we wanted to offer golfers and other visitors an even better experience. To this end we updated the irrigation system throughout the entire golf course, thoroughly renovated a third of the sand traps and bunkers, as well as provided new equipment such as signs, flags and buckets, and finally also new electric golf carts. We will continue on this path also in the future with the aim to update the entire golf cart fleet.


Our younger guests will be able to enjoy new children’s events and championships, which will be connected with the culinary offer of Otočec Castle. They will be able to enjoy the beautiful nature of the Dolenjska region and play under optimal conditions. And since Otočec as a destination is a true mosaic of experiences, everyone can find something to enjoy. Otočec is also home to thermal waters at the attractive Hotel Sport pool where there is also a smaller relaxation centre with saunas and relaxation areas, and the hotel boasts room with a sports theme, an adventure park in its vicinity, as well as a network of cycling routes, excellent cuisine and much more.


With the start of the 2020 golf season, we will be opening a new facility for golfers and other guests where the barn next to Struga Castle once stood. The new building will include a reception, golf shop, bistro and a place to socialise.


It will have a beautiful architectural design that will be in harmony with the surrounding environment, with plenty of windows providing guests with a wonderful view of the golf course. The wooden terrace in front of the new golf clubhouse is already aimed at taking the title of best location with a view of the Dolenjska region hills. Another advantage of the new clubhouse will be its view of the last, 18th hole, where experienced golfers will be able to show off their skills in front of spectators.


The rustic house of Otočec Castle with its local Dolenjska region cuisine will be enjoyable to not only golfers, but also castle hotel guests and others.



Over the winter, the greens at Otočec are resting, but when there is milder weather, golf lovers can come and play from the 10th to the 18th hole even outside of the official season. Yearly Golf Grad Otočec ticket holders can play during the winter free of charge, while the day ticket price for others is also much lower in this season.


We recommend calling ahead to check whether the course is open.